Imagine climbing inside a simulator to experience the thrill of being a pilot, or watching a parade of planes move through the streets of a city. These events and many more happen every year across the country. Aviation events attract people to various locations across the United States. Some of these are races, others are air shows and still others are trade shows and seminars. For aviation enthusiasts, it can be difficult to figure out which events to attend. Here are three of the best aviation events in the US.

The Airventure Oshkosh event in Wisconsin is the premier aviation event that happens in the US. One of the main attractions at the event are the daily air shows. These shows attract the most talented aerobatic pilots each year because they know that the audience is one of the most appreciative and well informed of all the different aviation events. Another one of the highlights of this event is the twilight flight fest. This event features a spectacular aerial display that begins around 8:00 each evening. A final must see portion of this event is the fly in theater. This is a great place to stop and rest after a day full of aviation adventures.

The Airways Magazine Spot and Greet event is another very popular attraction each year. This event is geared a bit more toward the aviation enthusiast more so than pilots. This event typically includes a VIP airport or factory tour that can give people a wonderful inside look at these types of facilities. The Spot and Greet is a smaller event that attracts many dynamic keynote speakers. The smaller size allows for a true insider feel for the participants.

The AIAA Aviation Forum draws nearly three thousand participants each year from many different areas of the aviation field. This event is really geared toward industry professionals, airline representatives and airport representatives. The main focus of the forum is to give industry leaders a chance to network and share ideas. The forum also provides representatives a chance to showcase and sell products. There are many great aviation events throughout the year in the United States that are perfect for pilots, aviation enthusiasts and industry experts.