How to Earn Money By Selling Your Unused Test Strips

It is true that you can get real cash for your unused diabetic test strips and supplies. You might have yourself, “Can I really sell my diabetes test strips?”. We all know that millions of Americans suffer from diabetes and not all can afford the cost of the supplies needed. If you sell your unused diabetic glucose test strips, you are helping these people afford the materials they need and you can get paid by helping them. You might have extra diabetic test strips that you no longer need.

There are a lot of situations wherein a person might have kept extra unused glucose test strips such as change of brand, switched to a different brand of glucometer, yno longer need frequent blood sugar check, newer supplies available, or a loved one with diabetes passed away. For whatever reason you have for selling your blood glucose test strip, remember that you are helping other people who can’t afford the expensive cost of diabetic supplies and you are also helping save the environment by not throwing them away. Truly, you can sell your diabetes strips and get paid! Instead of waiting for your unused and unopened boxes of blood glucose test strips to collect dust and expire, you can sell them to us and get cash. How does selling glucose test strips work? It is relatively easy to sell your glucose test strips online by filling out a quote form, packing up your test strips through a free prepaid label, handing the package to your mail carrier, and getting paid. Stop throwing away your unopened and unused glucose test strips, and make money instead. We don’t buy expired diabetic test strips, and we pay the full cost for boxes with at least 12 months left until their expiration dates, and we pay adjusted prices for those boxes with shorter dates.

Diabetes mellitus come in two types, either inborn or a result of lifestyle or diet, affecting the functioning of insulin and its action in the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein, and fats. While you may have highly discoutned or free glucose test strips, there are many people with diabetes who cannot afford to get their diabetic supplies because they are uninsured or underinsured. We want to take part of the solution to this problem by buying unopened, unused, and unexpired diabetic test strips at a lower price as compared to the retail price. In order to get a free quote for your spare glucose test strips, you can check us out on our website or homepage now! Let us all help one another to manage diabetes and prevent complications through regular blood sugar check. Feel free to contact us today!

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